Hampton Bengals

There have been many discussions about the pros and cons of allowing the Bengal cat go outside. There have been very strong arguments for either side with no real consensus. The owner of a Bengal cat will therefore have to review all the views and make a final decision based on their own situation. Some of the arguments and the reason for these are given below.

Should I Let My Bengal Cat Go Outside

Here Are Some Reasons in Favour Of Letting Your Cat Go Outside

  • The Bengal cat specie, because of the mix with the leopard, tends to be more muscular than other cats and exercise should be a regular part of their regime, to build muscles mass and maintain muscle tone.

  • The Bengal cats are free-spirited in nature, agile creatures and there is the desire to run, climb and hunt; this is what comes naturally to them. Bengals also tend to be very intelligent and independent creatures and are to be able to look after themselves. If restricted to the inside they will tend to get bored which may make them start to act up, displaying different types of behavioral problems such as aggression.

At the same time there are some very good arguments against letting them roam.

Why Letting Your Bengal Outside May Not Be a Good Idea

  • The Bengal loves to roam and explore, even more than other cats and you never know how far they will go or where they may wander to. The wandering, and sense of exploring increases the chance of their being injured, whether crossing roads and getting hit or getting into places they should not.

  • Bengal cats are valuable pets and being outside the home increases the potential that it may be stolen.

  • The Bengal may also get into fights with other animals.

  • Being outside increases the risk of exposure to pests like ticks, fleas, heartworms etc.

It has also been shown that based on these additional risks to the cat being outside that cats that live indoors lead a healthier lifestyle and live several years longer than the �outside’ cat. The cats that live outdoors are exposed to so much more, live in a less healthy environment and have shorter lifespans.

What to Do? Let the Bengal Outside or Not

As was said before, the final decision is that of the owner who may be swayed in either direction. There are however ideas that will afford the best of both worlds. Create a restricted and protected environment which will give the Bengal the freedom to run and play outdoors without being exposed to dangers. Ideas like a creating a Cat Garden is very good. To do you will need:

  • A fully fenced yard with no openings in the fence. Or create spaces in the fence and use wire mesh to cover the space. This allows the full enclosure and they can see out without getting out.

  • You will need to jump-proof the fence so the Bengal can’t climb out. Do that by attaching metal rods to each fence post and then attaching wire mesh between all the rods, making sure that the wire mesh is bent over at an angle, making it difficult to jump or climb over.

  • You can then add toys and things to climb on, and scratch, so it has a grand time being outside while protected.

If You Decide to Let the Bengal Roam Free

  • Don’t let them out until they can protect themselves – about 6 months.

  • Have it neutered Ensure they are fully vaccinated.

  • Have your Bengal microchipped

  • Let the Bengal out during the day, but inside at night.

Give your precious Bengal cat every opportunity to have a safe, happy, healthy and long life.