Hampton Bengals

The first thing many people notice about Bengal Kitten is its wonderful coat. Not only is Bengal attractive but it also very soft and sleek, with many of them shining in the light. The original Bengal cat is a hybrid of domestic cats and Asian Leopard Cat. These cats were developed by several people with the idea of harnessing the natural beauty of the wild cat at the same time maintaining the domestic cat temperament in 1970s and 80s. Through skillful breeding, this aim has been achieved definitely.

Guide To Buying A Bengal Kitten

Steps to buying a healthy Bengal Kitten

If you have made up your mind that you need a Bengal Kitten this article concerns you. Described below is resourceful information to help you buy a healthy Bengal kitten.

Selecting the right generation

It is important to choose the right filial generation for yourself. It is important to note that Bengal Kitten belong to two major groups of generations. The first is foundation Bengals (formely known as early generation) and second, SBT Bengals (also known as Stud Book Tradition). All Bengal cats have share similar traits: The early generations are not usually recognized as domestic pets because they are typically reserved for breeding purposes. Most Bengal cat breeders from the US and the UK sell Stud Book Tradition Bengal kittens only because they can easily be raised as pets. So you determine the generation of Bengal Kitten that is going to fit your lifestyle.

Decide the type of Bengal Kitten

The first thing that crosses your mind when you look at a Bengal is lush and beige-brown fur. In fact, there are variations in patterns and colors of this breed. Some are the spotted while the other pattern is marbled. Bengal Kittens have unique markings that are unique to each breed. The two most popular breeds are brown and white. The shades range from warm golden to creamy white. So you can choose the most attractive Bengal Kitten to you.

Choose a respectable breeder

To avoid substandard breeding it is important to find a healthy, well-socialized Bengal kitten. You should get to know who the breeder you can trust and avoid buying from an unverifiable cattery. The best thing to do it effectively is to sort the breeders credibility by rating, new litter, date or title and create your list of local breeders who meet your standards.

Getting in Touch with Bengal Breeders

You can choose to either mail the breeders or call them on phone them, depending on the communication channel they have listed on their profile. You should let them know you are seeking a Bengal kitten to buy. Ask the breeder whether they have any Bengal Kittens available and whether they are soon expecting a new litter. TICA regulations ensure that the Queen (female Bengal) should only have 2 kittens per year. Sometimes kittens are reserved long before they are even brought to the world.

Conduct a background check and settle on a healthy Bengal Kitten

You can utilize a wealth of information available online and relevant sites before you can make that crucial decision. When you are sure that major or all your breeding requirements are met, and that the Bengal Kitten is healthy don’t hesitate to make your choice. Later you will come to know which Bengal kitten should be your pet.


Bengal kitten is a favorite choice due to its breeding and beauty. It is advisable that you explore all information to decide which breed fits you.