Hampton Bengals

Bengal Cats are a domestic cat breed that bear a striking resemblance to exotic looking jungle cats such as Leopards, margays, ocelots e.t.c. Bengal cats typically have the same dotted coat that members of the cat family like the Cheetah possess. Bengal cats are characterized by their higher levels of intelligence and friendliness when compared to their contemporaries.

Having a Bengal Cat as a pet is a nice thing, they tend to be very vocal and can be a lot more playful than other Cat Breeds. However, it is important to note that being a Bengal does not exempt your Cat from being attacked by one of the greatest adversaries of the health of any domestic pet, Fleas.

Flea Protection for Bengal Cats


When taking care of Bengal Cats, it is important you vaccinate them properly, give them good food and you ensure they get some exercise, however to keep your Bengal Cat healthy you will have to make sure they are protected from Fleas. Fleas are one of the greatest enemies of domestic pets whether they are Dogs or Cats, Fleas are terrible pests that live on the skin of pests and hide themselves under their Fur. Fleas are very small and move very fast making it a little bit difficult to catch them, Fleas also have a very fast reproductive rate, a female Adult flea can lay up to 20 eggs in a day and her eggs will usually take around 2 to 14days to hatch, at that rate of reproduction, it is not far-fetched to conclude that the presence of one flea in a pet could degenerate into a full blown flea infestation. It is however important to note that it is not only your pet that could be adversely affected by a flea infestation, fleas can move from the skin of your pet to your bedsheets, curtains and even furniture, and with the way Fleas reproduce it would be a terrible thing to have a Flea infestation in your home.


There are various ways of protecting Bengal Cats from Flea’s these include: Tablets, spot-ons, Flea Collars and even Sprays. According to flea colar expert's guide, Bengal Cats are less likely to react negatively to putting on a Flea Collar than they are to any other means of Flea Protection.

To avoid a Flea infestation, it is important you get your Bengal Cat a Flea Collar, using a Flea Collars is one of the best ways of protecting your Bengal Cat from getting Fleas. Flea collars work in two ways; Some Flea Collars emit a toxic gas that kills fleas or a substance is released that dissolves through the skin of your pet to kill off any fleas deposited on it.


When Bengal Cats are infected by Flea’s the side effects are terrible; in some cases, Flea bites can cause rashes and red bumps on your Cat’s skin, the presence of Fleas on your Bengal Cat can also cause Anemia, various skin diseases and Flea’s can even transfer Tapeworms to your Cat.


Fleas are known to instigate a steady deterioration in the health of your pet and should not be taken for granted. Playing in the woods and outdoors can cause fleas to strap themselves to your Bengal Cat’s skin, it is therefore important you closely check and observe them after they are done playing to check for signs of itches, rashes or even Fleas.