Hampton Bengals

A pet at home can be your real friend at home. It can be your accomplice for all the fun at home. A pet can take away your loneliness and give those magical moments, which one can cherish for a long time. Often, we tend to develop a kind of bond with the pets at home, that remains unforgettable for whole life. Undoubtedly, a pet at home can mean a lot to someone. People who don’t have pet might not be able to understand this affection and love, till the time when they actually have a pet at home. In case if you don’t have a pet at home till now, you consider keeping a Bengal cat at home. Even though cats could be sometime difficult to handle, and we might let them out if we are not able to handle. Could this be a possibility with the Bengal cat? Can you ever get into a situation when you have to let out you Bengal cat? That might not be the case, this article will definitely help to understand that.

Bengal Cat Facts

The Bengal cats are originated from the cross breeding of domestic cats with the Asian Leopard Cats. So, basically what you get is a domestic cat which will have wild as well as crazy markings of the “Asian Leopard Cat”. Even though now these cats are sold legally, but sometimes back selling them in open market was illegal. Even though these cats are domesticated, but still they might have wild instincts. This is the main reason of dilemma for pet lovers, they are not sure whether the Bengal cats can be kept at home or they should be let out. However, the fact is after numerous generations, todays Bengal cat could be domesticated easily, just like in case of some other breeds of pet cats. The only thing is, we should know how to handle the Bengal cats.

Before you adopt a Bengal cat, you should understand that these cats are immensely intelligent and absolutely cunning. So, don’t frown at all if you see some quirky behaviour. These cats love water, and tends to move around water, maybe fish tanks, washrooms or kitchen. Don’t take it as an unnatural behaviour. It is a known fact that these cats are largely obsessed with water. This is a property which they derive from the Asian Leopards. So, if you give a bowl of water to them, they might simply play with it with dipped paws, rather than drinking it straight away. On funnier side, they might run around the bubbles. The Bengal cats are hunters by their instincts and needs some time to get domesticated. So, it is advised that, they should be let out only with proper supervision.

These cats are immensely active, with a very high IQ. This makes them absolutely notorious. They might steal something and run away. At a given day, they might destroy an expensive object. Literally, they can be a troublemaker. But as a pet owner you need to take this as fun and enjoy every bit of it. This is a fierce breed, so don’t try or allow them to mate with another breed of cats. Also, they don’t like big changes at all, and might not accept another breed instantly. So, they might be dangerous initially to the local wildlife, but these tendencies die down after some point of time. So as a pet owner should endure their quirky behaviours initially, and raise them accordingly, so that they can be domesticated completely. So, now you know why you should not let your Bengal cat outside.