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Bengal Cats - The Hot New Pet

When you are looking for a pet that is really on the exotic side, there are many different options that you can look into. Currently, exotic cats are becoming quite popular because of their overall look and size.

Bengal cats

Bengal cats are slowly becoming one of the most popular cats available on the market right now. These types of cats are a new breed and only available at select breeders around the US and the UK. A Bengal cat is a cross between a normal domesticated cat and a Bengal tiger. These cats usually end up the size of a slightly larger house cat with features that generally relate to those of the Bengal. Most of these types of cats are considered exotic or specialty cats. There are many different types of these exotic cats depending on what exactly you are looking for in the color and personality of your cat.

Using a different type of breed such as this tends to show differences in the personality of the cat. These types of cats are much more attached to their owner. They also have slightly longer tails with much larger body frames. The overall size of the cat will make a large difference when it comes to how much this cat is able to eat. You need to be prepared for all that you will be responsible for when you purchase a cat such as this. These cats are also highly intelligent cats that will respond to any command that is given to them. They are also highly attracted to water, unlike a normal house cat. These cats have a tendency to play in and enjoy bath time because of the running water that they get to be around. Bengal tigers generally enjoy running water which is where this trait seems to come from. Most of these Bengal cats are slightly on the expensive side when you are purchasing them from a breeder. The reason they are highly priced is because of the genetic engineering that must take place in order to come out with a cat that looks like a miniature Bengal tiger.

Bengal cat

Bengal cats prefer a wet food for their diet and will hardly eat any of a dry cat food. You should understand that it will be hard to find specific food for your special cat so you may have to try a few different brands before you find one that your cat will eat. Because these cats are special, they will usually require a special diet. You should also consider that Bengal cats require a lot of attention in order to continue to be happy in their world.

These animals are known to be of tender personality as they love gaining attention. Safe for your kids these pets love their freedom and it is advisable not to restrict their freeness. They could easily gel up with your family as they always love company. These pets absolutely look stunning and would amaze you with their tricks and funny habits. If you want to make one as your true friend then search for a reputable Bengal cat breeder to get the best and healthy cat.